1. What models of dresses can be found in the showroom?


At Angelo Bridal we sell our wedding dresses from the rail on the same day!


If the dress is adjustable on your size you can pay a deposit or in full and we can also hold the dress for you in our stock room.


Most of our dresses can go up or down one size, please advise with our team members.


Standard models are presented or we can make your dress according to your requirements; we can make your wedding dress to order!

Or you can choose from the variety of famous brands and models on the international market and with a great resonance in the wedding dresses industry.

We also have over 50 styles of Bridesmaids dresses to try on ,with a choice of over 100 colours and materials to choose from. 

Order time starting from 3 months up. Please check with our team members.



Our Evening Dresses and Mother of the bride dresses are sold from our boutique on the day. If you require alterations we will assist with the service.

2. Can the wedding dresses presented on the website be seen or sampled?


The wedding or occasion dresses presented on this site can be seen or tried on through “book online “displayed on the website or contact us at 01 7277123, office@angelobridal.ie.

Scheduling is very important because you are very important to us and we want to offer exclusivity to the time allowed for you and to find the perfect dress together!

We are waiting for you at our Boutique at 38 Lower Dorset Street Dublin 1. 

3.How can you order a dress model from this site and how long does the order last?

If the dress is in our stock, it can be purchased immediately! 

If your preferred model is not on our stock or factory, you can place an order by signing a pre-order contract and paying an advance of 40% of the value of the dress.

Products ordered and the order honouring time is between 3 to 6 months.

The time required for alterations should also be taken into account (if necessary) (shortened, tightened, train system).

4. Can you make any adjustments to the purchased wedding dresses?

The wedding dresses purchased or ordered can avail additional alterations and this can be made with our  experienced dress maker. 

We advise to make your last alterations closer to the wedding month.

Please consult our team members for advise on the day.


5. Are all the dresses presented on the site in the showroom or on the stock?

At Angelo Bridal Boutique you can find a wide range of models, the most requested models from different styles and collections, so you can see the quality of the products we offer you.

In stock you can find from all the brands, models to be able to check the quality of the materials, the different styles and designs according to each designer and brand; 

If the desired model is not in stock at the moment, the order can be made.



6. Where do the wedding and occasion dresses come from?


The wedding dresses presented on the website are models of international renown; the most important designers and prestigious brands of world renown meet your most demanding requirements!


7. Are the dresses presented on the site, models authentic?


Angelo Bridal is an authorized and legal representative of major international brands, for which all rights are reserved. You can also visit the official sites, where you will find us as authorized distributors; and where you can keep up with all the news. You can access the following links:







The Angelo Bridal collections represents the collections with dresses with our own production, where the models are in the form of presentation and where any model can be made to your measurements, wishes and requirements, so you have a unique creation, a dream dress!

8. Can you find wedding accessories in the showroom?


In our showroom you can find various accessories, such as:

Short wedding veils, long wedding veils,crystal wedding veils,wedding veils with lace,wedding boleros,wedding garters, also customised glasses.

We can also personalise Wedding favors , wedding/communion candles.

We have a wide range or Bridal comfortable shoes, please check our stock level or we can place an order for you.

We also have a range or tiaras, hair pins and dresses accessories.


9.How Communion/Flower Girls Dresses work?

The dresses are all custom made on the required sizes.We can match vails and hair bands. 

At any emergency our dresses can be bought from display.